What We Do

    • Project Management
    • Design & Engineering
    • Critical Facility Operations
    • Manufacturing NPI and Production
    • Testing & Quality Assurance
    • Safety Advisory
    • Contractor Deployment

What We Serve

    • Data Center (DCIM)
    • Life Science and Medical Device
    • Infrastructure and Transportation
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Semiconductor and Electronics
    • Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy
    • Federal Government

Find Your Operational Advantage

Your company’s infrastructure can make or break its ability to effectively operate on a round-the-clock and global scale. Reliable, secure, flexible, easy-to-use and sustainability is crucial for operational advantages. How will your business be impacted if you’re not operating at your highest capacity?

Avitek Recruit provides advisory and contract professionals to mission critical operations, manufacturing, industrial and commercial environments. Our solutions allow companies to take back control, significantly reducing drawn out bid processes, complete deadlines faster, expand workforce bandwidth and accomplish financial targets.

Even the most successful, innovative companies need a helping hand. Make sure it’s the right one. Make sure it’s Avitek Recruit.

About Avitek Recruit

Since 2012, our mission has been to drive operational efficiency in the critical facility, manufacturing, engineering and construction markets. Our leadership teams diverse background gives us a broad perspective when it comes to increase efficiency, production and project management. Combined with our inventive solutions, Avitek Recruit’s holistic approach will empower your company during each unique project or production initiative. Since our founding, we have strived to build lifelong relationships with our clients and contractors.

Headquartered in Stockton, CA  we serve companies throughout California. Our Avitek Recruit experts provide guidance and recommendations to deliver operational excellence. We deploy contract professionals that work to accomplish engineering or design initiatives to manage projects to entire teams that perform hands-on system, equipment or product applications.

Let our team become yours.