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Temporary/Contract Talent

More than 95% of all businesses use temporary staffing as a management strategy to balance workforce needs year round. Whether it is as a solution to employee absences, a coping mechanism for varying work cycles or simply as a means to launch a special project, the flexible, contingent workforce has become an integral part of corporate America. All the costs associated with employment are covered by Avitek Recruit. This includes taxes, unemployment and disability insurance, paid time off and other administrative processing. Avitek Recruit is also fully insured, bonded and guaranteed. Regardless of the size or scope of a company’s need, Avitek Recruit will provide skilled talent (temporaries or contractors) to keep a company productive in today’s competitive economy. Avitek Recruit realizes the true value of good talent and works diligently to identify, refer and retain quality personnel. Every applicant undergoes a thorough testing and interviewing process which encompasses a personal meeting with a Staffing Specialist in which the individual is evaluated based on attitude, grooming, verbal skills, job skills, prior work experience and academic history/training. We pay particular attention to what the applicant expects from his/her employment with Avitek Recruit so that we can best gauge their level of responsibility, flexibility and career expectations. Our database retrieval system maintains an extensive profileshowcasing each associate’s full range of skills, work experience, reference check information, I-9 completion, test scores and interviewer evaluations. Our technology allows us to follow our temporary employees from assignment to assignment and evaluate their on-the-job performance. Avitek Recruit’s thorough evaluation process enables us to offer you the best and most qualified contingent workforce in today’s marketplace.

Direct Hire

Avitek Recruit maintains its outstanding reputation for providing qualified candidates for placement at employers of all sizes through effective leadership, a high standard of performance and strong client-oriented programs. As a resource for talent, Avitek Recruit offers its client companies a finely tuned method for identifying, recruiting, qualifying and referring candidates whose experience, skills, and education meet your hiring criteria. Avitek Recruit has developed a stellar reputation for our specialized service, quality and commitment to client satisfaction. We believe hiring the right talent isn’t just routine paperwork. It’s both a personal and personnel process; our attention to detail encompasses careful assessment between an employer and candidate with regard to workforce goals, an appropriate corporate cultural fit and business personality match-up. Our mission is to create long-term, successful relationships between the highly capable individuals we place and theprestigious clients we serve. Direct Hire typically refers to candidates placed in “permanent” full-time positions where the fee* may be contingent on the successful placement of a candidate hired by the corporate client. At Avitek Recruit, we offer two main options for Direct Hire Placement. Clients may opt to work with Avitek Recruit via a Contingency Search or an Executive Search. Regardless of the placement method, there is NEVER a charge or fee to candidates seeking employment through Avitek Recruit. Clients seeking to utilize Avitek Recruit to help them identify and hire talent for a particular job opening, mayconsider Contingency Search methodology. In this case, the company provides Avitek Recruit with a detailed job description and their hiring requirements, A Fee Agreement is then executed between Avitek Recruit and the company based on Avitek Recruit’s standard arrangement for their services baseds on a candidates anticipated annual compensation. Avitek Recruit conducts regional and nationwide searches in all industry specializations. Every completed recruitment receives a liberal free replacement guarantee.

Managed Support Services (Management of In- house Talent Pools)

Avitek Recruit has the capability to fully manage the Administrative and Office Support functions of virtually any organization as well as significantly increasing workforce productivity levels. Creating an Administrative Services Center staffed andmanaged by Avitek Recruit streamlines the process of how yourorganization’s service-related requests are placed and processed for divisions such as Administrative Services, Call Centers, Facilities Management and Meeting and Conference Planning. Additionally, it creates a stronger administrative structure and enforces accountability.

Managed Direct Hire Staffing

Organizations can achieve a fixed budget for placement fees annually incurred with staffing vendors and/or executive search firms in order to budget anticipated hiring costs. Avitek Recruit partners with your firm to reach an annual cost approximation using a proven formula. Your firm will work with an assigned Staffing Manager and an accompanying support team who will strategically oversee each hire, regardless of job description or geographic location. Most importantly, the guarantee for each hire is extended for the length of the contract.

Outsearch Research Services

Hiring research is time consuming, labor intensive and requires internet savvy for seeking out ideal talent. This research is critical to organizations who want to stay abreast of their industry’s competitive landscape. When you turn over this responsibility to Avitek Recruit’s team of sourcing specialists, you are assured of the services of certified researchers whose knowledge of Advanced Internet Recruiting Strategies (AIRS) translates into meaningful data for your firm. On behalf of your firm, Avitek Recruit handles information gathering relating to candidate screening, client profile, competitive research, online searches and internet postings.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

The RPO solution allows a client to contract out recruiting tasks. Avitek Recruit assumes all the burdens and tasks associated with the recruiting cycle. We impact costs by focusing on reducing the average time to fill an open requisition and by examining the average salary of existing recruiters and the metrics/goals associated with their productivity and performance.

Managed Service Program (MSP)

Through Avitek Recruit’s Managed Service Program (MSP), we provide an A to Z solution for all temporary and direct hire staffing, recruiting, administration, reporting and quality compliance. Our MSP increases effiency and productivity and shifts the focus back onto our client’s core business aspects. When an MSP is in place, an organization experiences pricing consistency, cost savings and enhanced staffing vendor response in terms of performance, quality and time, particularly when Avitek Recruit serves as the Primary or Preferred Supplier supported by other staffing services as Alliance Partners. Staffing industry research indicates putting an MSP in place can save a client company up to 20% or more over the prior year’s spending for overall contingent staffing and placement fees.

Outplacement Services

In affiliation with Career Strides, Avitek Recruit provides Outplacement services to help organizations competently and efficiently handle staff layoffs, restructures, downsizing and corporate rebuilding. We address all of the following to support both the employer and departing employee:

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