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Avitek Recruit is your source for on-demand professionals to mission critical operations, manufacturing, industrial and commercial environments.

Creating Perfect Staffing Matches Within Your Schedule, Scope and Budget

Avitek Recruit professionals work with decision makers in human resources, production and facilities management, project and general management to meet your temporary staffing needs, for today and tomorrow. That is the Avitek Recruit Advantage.

Streamline Your Scalable Workforce Demands

Avitek Recruit draws from our pre-qualified database of nearly 5,000 candidates to satisfy the time-sensitive staffing demand of your organization, letting your organization focus on what really matters.

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Built Environment & Critical Facilities

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Light & Industrial

Avitek Recruit is Your Solution to Qualified, On-time Recruiting and Staffing Services

The Avitek Recruit advantage expedites the process of building your organizational dream team. Our on-demand workforce solutions mean you’ll always meet your time critical needs, at a fraction of the cost.

Whether your organization needs new talent or you’re deep in the job search process, Avitek Recruit’s staffing solutions will get you there. We bring great people and great organizations together, building lasting relationships that fuel innovation. We source talent to a wide variety of industries, most notably: engineering, IT, manufacturing, industrial and administrative support.

Even the most successful organizations and capable employees need a helping hand. Make sure it’s the right one. Make sure it’s Avitek Recruit.

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How It Works

Building B2B Alliances through One-On-One Interactions


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Research client company to understand value-adds, culture, progress, competitors


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Deeper understanding of projects, operation, account & market success criteria, expectations, how indivudal measured


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Clarify & Learn

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