Workforce Solutions Simplified

We source talented professionals to mission critical operations, manufacturing, industrial and commercial environments.

Streamline Your Search For Talent

Our tailored staffing solutions cut down on cost, time and effort — letting your organization concentrate on what really matters.

Creating Perfect Matches On A Daily Basis

By working with both organizations and professionals, we see the big picture and know who belongs where. That’s the Avitek advantage.

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C-Level Executive

Moving your organization forward and having a healthy bottom line don’t have to be mutually exclusive goals. To achieve these objectives, you need talented, passionate employees. Avitek has the tools to help you find them.

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Mid-Level Management

We work directly with project, operations and human resources managers to find the right talent for your organization. Having qualified employees who easily fit in with your culture means your departments will thrive.

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Team Leaders

A robust employee base leads to more focused roles and better performance.

More importantly, this decreases the burden on your employees, allowing them to excel in the positions that suit them best.

The Avitek advantage expedites the process of building your organizational dream team. Our on-demand workforce solutions mean you’ll always meet your time critical needs, at a fraction of the cost.

Whether your organization needs new talent or you’re deep in the job search process, Avitek Recruit’s staffing solutions will get you there. We bring great people and great organizations together, building lasting relationships that fuel innovation. We source talent to a wide variety of industries, most notably: engineering, IT, manufacturing, industrial and administrative support.

Even the most successful organizations and capable employees need a helping hand. Make sure it’s the right one. Make sure it’s Avitek.

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