What Can You Expect With Avitek Recruit?

At Avitek Recruit, we use our administrative experience, along with our industry-leading know how, to create operational platforms tailored to our clients. Through our expertise in HR management, risk mitigation & safety, payroll administration, workers’ compensation coverage and employee benefits, we let our clients concentrate on what’s most important to them: their core business.

But, how exactly do we make this possible?

When we join your team, we’ll guide you through our comprehensive three-stage approach to helping you find your operational advantage:

Business team members have a meeting in an office

Stage 1: Tactical Alignment

The initial and most important stage, we use this time to diagnose how you manage your employees from an administrative and tactical point of view. Right off the bat, we’ll conduct a full analysis of your HR practices and various safety programs. Our reports will give you an exhaustive overview of how your company is performing and we’ll begin to devise a plan of action for moving forward.

Our report and subsequent list of action items will allow us to establish payroll submission and administration protocols; streamline your hiring, selection and new hire onboarding practices; establish effective injury reporting procedures; and identify the various metrics we’ll use to track the effectiveness and feasibility of reaching these goals.

Stage 2: Supervisor Development

Once we’ve created an aligned strategy and set of action items, we’ll begin the process of making our plan a reality. During this stage of the relationship, we spend a significant amount of time continuing process improvement, while further developing HR protocols, risk management, payroll practices and supervisor development. The main goal of this stage is to ensure that your leadership team is not just on board with the strategies developed in stage one, but also taking effective measures to see them come to fruition.

Some examples of what you can expect at this stage are: ongoing development and refinement of our action plans; supervisory skill training and development (such as workplace safety, effective human capital management, and overall risk mitigation); creating a platform for performance management; and improvement and evaluation of employee benefit options.

Stage 3: Business-Level Guidance

The final and most forward-thinking stage of our relationship with your company, we use this time to plan for the future. With a major emphasis on strategy, our biggest goal is to cultivate an environment in which your employees and supervisors are driving the continued success of your organization instead of you, the business owner. In creating both an effective and streamlined culture, we can help you achieve a level of organizational sustainability you never thought was possible.

During this period, we will focus primarily on: organizational development and design; leadership development and succession planning; creating a holistic view of what direction your company is heading in; proactive risk mitigation; and overall strategic planning.

To learn more about how Avitek Recruit can help your organization, head over to our contact page and let us know what your needs are. An account manager will contact you shortly to devise a plan of action. We look forward to hearing from you.