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C-Level Executive

Moving your organization forward and having a healthy bottom line don’t have to be mutually exclusive goals. To achieve these objectives, you need talented, passionate employees. Avitek has the tools to help you find them.

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Mid-Level Management

We work directly with project, operations and human resources managers to find the right talent for your organization. Having qualified employees who easily fit in with your culture means your departments will thrive.

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Team Leaders

A robust employee base leads to more focused roles and better performance.

More importantly, this decreases the burden on your employees, allowing them to excel in the positions that suit them best.

Customized Consulting Solutions to Drive Your Innovation

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On Demand Talent

Scale your team to address project delivery with search cycles, realized in days and weeks rather than months

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Searches conducted by qualified, senior recruiters with industry expertise

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Specialization and knowledge of the industries that we represent

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High Touch Service

Dedicated account management for all Avitek Recruit consulting clients

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Resource Diagnostics

Comprehensive analysis of resource management

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The Avitek Recruit engagement model reduces costly technical, production and manufacturing overruns

Through our partnership with Avitek Recruit, we found quality full-stack development resources, within our schedule, to expand our team and take on additional projects. Avitek Recruit is our go-to team for hiring.

Siv Shanmugam

Director of Software Applications, Capitol Tech Solutions

Do you have a project for us to tackle?

Maintaining your operational advantage requires a lot of moving parts. You have to be reliable, secure, flexible, user-friendly and sustainable.

If your company finds itself falling behind in any of these areas, your service quality, production efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee happiness and profitability will likely suffer.

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Specializing in the manufacturing, built environment, critical facilities, light industrial, production manufacturing, life science and medical device industries, Avitek Recruit provides tailored, project-based solutions to companies of all sizes.

Our diverse team of consultants can help your organization streamline its production cycle, meet critical project deadlines, increase operational efficiency, maximize employee bandwidth and accomplish financial targets.

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Since our founding, we have helped industry leaders drive innovation. With backgrounds ranging from oil and pharmaceutical executives, to physicians and commercial construction experts, our leadership team has a broad perspective when it comes to project management. Combined with our inventive, customized solutions, Avitek Recruit’s holistic approach will drive your company’s next great project through its full life cycle.

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Even the best, most qualified teams can struggle from time to time. In the event that happens, Avitek Recruit’s consulting solutions can empower your organization.

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