Building smart products requires an even smarter workforce. At Avitek Recruit, the employees we place will play a fundamental role in the development of some of the most innovative products in the world. From engineers and assemblers, to project and facilities managers, our employee network will help your organization continue to push the boundaries of technology.

These days, especially in Silicon Valley, companies in the manufacturing and engineering spaces have to deal with unprecedented challenges due to technology’s rapid evolution. As a result of these demands, your workforce needs to have an agile skill set—something that is unfortunately in short supply. This short supply has led to fierce competition for highly skilled workers and organizational leaders, thus increasing the time and cost associated with finding new talent.

Avitek Recruit’s proprietary workforce recruitment solutions will help you fill your employee requirements while also cutting down on time and cost.

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    Engineering & Design

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    Program & Project Management

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    Sub & Full Assembly

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    Quality Control & Testing

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    Logistics & Distribution

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Built Environment & Critical Facilities

Your organization’s infrastructure can make or break its ability to effectively operate on a round-the-clock basis and global scale. In order to sustain your operational advantage, you need to be reliable, secure and flexible. Without a driven, qualified team behind you, your organization may find itself dealing with drawn out bid processes, missing deadlines and falling short of financial goals.

The built environment and critical facilities industries require a level of competence and reliability not seen in many other types of organizations. Whether it’s maintaining an impeccable quality control record or ensuring the structural integrity of your latest build, it’s imperative that your workforce can get the job done.

Avitek Recruit’s built environment and critical facilities staffing solutions are perfect for organizations that are looking to increase workforce bandwidth and operational efficiency.

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    Engineering & Design

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    Project & Construction Management

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    Quality Control & Safety Management

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    Skilled Trades

Light Industrial & Production Manufacturing

Keeping productivity high, staying current in an age of rapid technological advancement, maintaining a fantastic safety record and limiting employee turnover to a minimum are some of the many challenges faced by organizations in the light industrial space. Your ability to meet those challenges is tied directly to the level of skill and know-how possessed by your team.

From warehouse supervisors to food service managers, our comprehensive database of production, distribution and light industrial experts will help your organization find its next great hire. At Avitek Recruit, we know the local talent pool and understand the needs of the industry.

Our staffing solutions were built from ground up by our team of consultants and will deliver the best candidate available to your front door. By bringing passionate people and organizations together, we are able to foster efficiency and productivity.

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    Warehouse & Distribution

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    Maintenance & Trades

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